CH Rekaylahn Jabulisa of Clachan (photo on left)

In our foundational stud, Karamojo Tau of Ekundayo, ​
CH Rekaylahn Jabulisa of Clachan, was in his 3rd and 5th generations, by doubling on this boy, it certainly stamped his type on him. 

Karamojo Tau of Ekundayo (Kunda) reproduced himself in his offspring, which is one of the qualities that makes a good stud.

​​We will be using his miracle son, Karamojo's Muuijza Seun to breed to Karamojo's Amor of Arllentar, a female that has Kunda in her 3rd generation.  By doubling on him in 1st and 3rd generation we expect to produce males like him.!!!!!!