Our last litter had been in September 2015, with our foundational bitch Karamojo's Ruby of Safari. 

​​We imported Crownwood Mandisa, from Port Elizabeth, South Africa when  she was 4 months old and that litter was 3 weeks old, she loved and played with all  the puppies! 

​​Our breeding goal was to breed her to our male, Karamojo Tau of Ekundayo. When Mandisa turned 2, in 2017 we attempted an artificial insemination breeding with Kunda, but we discovered he had chronic prostate issues which caused bleeding which affected his semen, so that breeding attempt failed. In 2018, we decided to use a grand pup of ours, as stud, and once again she failed to conceive. At that point we had spent all our dog account money, so I thought who better to breed them but their owner, as it would be in their own enviroment which would create less stress!

​​ So, I bought a video from Leesburg, along with the kit!!!!! Mandisa came in heat, and on day 3 of her accepting Kunda, I collected 3 cc and inseminated her, then on following day, I collected 10 cc twice and inseminated her, I told Kunda I wanted another boy like him!! He has reproduced himself in all males with our other bitch. I prayed and asked for them to be fruitful and multiply in Jesus' name! Every heat cycle Mandisa has a false pregnancy whether she is bred or not, so 5 weeks later, I thought she might be pregnant, but after being so disappointed for 2 years I was reluctant to get too excited!!!!!

​​ After 6 weeks, her thirst increased so much, that I was constantly filling their water container, I thought maybe something was wrong with her, so made appointment with vet.  I had not seen this vet before, but knew in my spirit, when I saw her name was EMILY, she was the right vet, as GOD uses my name to confirm his plans in my life.  She began her ultrasound, that is when we found out she was indeed pregnant!!!!!!!! When I saw puppies in ultrasound, shouted PRAISE GOD, and began crying! Dr. Emily Thomas, shouted PRAISE GOD, she said she had just gone back to church the day before, and this was a confirmation for her! 

​ At 7 weeks, we went back to vet to have her x-rayed and it showed 3 puppies!!!!!! We only had 3 weeks to prepare, hubby built her a nice whelping box, and I began refreshing by reading all my dog whelping books!

​​ Whelping day came on a Sunday, and everything was different from our previous bitch, she did not pant till right before she had puppies, she began having hard contractions, and no puppy for 3 hours, so I panicked and we rushed to emergency clinic, she was x-ray and told puppy was not in birth canal. We came home and within 20 minutes she was on couch with me, when she had first pup, that was still born, I had read what to do to revive them in my books, so we got to it vigorously!

​​ All of a sudden after my husband breathed into his nostrils, we began to see a foam with bubbles forming around his little nose! We continued to work on him, suctioning him, rubbing him, and using a towel thrusting him downward, it took at least 10 minutes before we felt his heart beating and we Praised GOD and cried!!!!!! Within an hour little girl, was birthed also on our couch, without a sound from Mandisa. She then later passed what was the 3rd puppy that had been reabsorbed, so it was just a mass of hair. I stayed up for 36 hours straight, our boy was very cold and could not nurse, so I feed him Nurture Mate every hour!!!!!!! I literally laid in whelping box watching the clock!

​​ We give GOD all the GLORY for these 2 special puppies!!!!!!

Emily G. Stubbs, breeder and owner