In the beginning of our breeding program, I did much research about the "working" aspect of our breed, and knew in my heart they would be excellent in Search and Rescue work, even though there was very little information about them doing it!
I made a decision that the very first litter I would donate a puppy to be used for Search and Rescue work. When that time came, I began calling our local Search and Rescue groups, with no luck of anyone wanting a Rhodesian Ridgeback, So I began emailing a few groups in the United States, I would guess about 4 emails were sent out!
MIRACLOUSLY,  I was contacted by a lady by the name of Cheri Sorensen who had already trained a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Gunner for SAR work and he was excelling, she had been thinking of getting a female, and I just so happen to have 2 beautiful females for her to pick from, she made her decision by facetime, when she began talking Kimber's  face was intent on her speaking,  and she knew she was the one!
 Cheri is very modest, but I have been told by her mentor she is one of the top trainers in SAR in the United States. She has many videos on youtube, and was on a television program with her dogs, and Kimber was noted on the news making a find for the local police. Cheri has written an article for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States with her dogs.

​ Cheri Sorensen of Des Moines Iowa​ credentials: 
​​​​INBTI instructor (International Bloodhound Training Institute)
NAPWDA (North American Police Work Dog Association)
NASAR (National Association for Search and Rescue)
NASDN (North American Search Dog Network)
United States Man Trailing
Kimber, has been a very successful Search and Rescue K-9 for the past 8 years, with many incredible finds! Cheri has worked with law enforcement, and Kimber has tracked down criminals in corn fields, to finding elderly that wandered off.

​​ She was so pleased with Kimber's ability to "work" she decided to get her half sister, same sire, Karamojo Tau of Ekundayo as Kimber for her next Search and Rescue Canine, and Phoenix has followed in her big sister's pawsteps!
 Proud of what both have accomplished! Note their type, excellent conformation, larger boned and muscular with high intelligence.