Our first Ridgeback, named Jonas, came from "working bloodlines" in South Africa.  Jonas' fathers named (Capstick) came from a breeder in South Africa, they used a Labrador retriever in this breeding. He was excellent in wild boar hunting; he bayed and caught them.    Capstick below




Jonas' breeder used a female he purchased from Dr.  Marvin J. Prewitt, DVM who had Ridgebacks from his client, Gloria Sanders (Kajongwe) bloodlines. Kajongwe bloodlines were known for creating the strong prey drive in American Ridgebacks in the early 1970's.  Jonas below




Jonas was a scenting machine, he would follow animals deep into the woods, we had to get a bell for his collar, to hear him, my husband eventually trained him to come back by a whistle!  

​​Jonas is what caused us to pursue working bloodlines​ in our next male Ridgeback. 

​​​​We acquired our foundational stud, Karamojo Tau of Eundayo from  Mr, Craig Miller, who had done his research
and acquired his foundational stock for their working abilities, from South Africa working bloodlines.   
Our new stud, Karamojo's Muuijza Seun, has incredible working bloodlines, with proven hunters. His grandparents on both sides were blood trackers and wild boar hunters.

​​ Chief, his grandfather was clocked running 45 mph, his run was the most effortless that I have ever seen. He was used as a wild boar hunter in Florida. 


​​Adigun, his grandfather, blood tracked wounded Impala in South Africa. 



​Phoenix is Muza's full sister, that
excels in Search and Rescue, she has high prey drive, agility and intelligence, with excellent conformation.

 Karamojo's Crown of FIre (Phoenix) below:

Capstick, father to our first Ridgeback