Karamojo's Muuijza Seun
Sire: Karamojo Tau of Ekundayo
Dam: Crownwood Mandisa
Whelped: April 7, 2019​
Red Wheaten, black mask​
​COI in 10 generations, 2.84%

Breeder/Owner: Emily G. Stubbs 

Height: 27 inches (71 cm)
Weight: 122 pounds (55 kg)​​​
AKC # HP57880301
AKC DNA # V940230

ED: 0/0

​Full Detention
​Scissor Bite​​
DM: N/N by parentage and test
DCM: clear
​Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC) clear
JME: clear
EAOD: clear
Hemophilia B-clear
Ridge: R/r
(B) Locus: B/b  Liver nose carrier​​

​​​*****Frozen semen is now available to very select bitches whose pedigrees and type who will compliment our miracle boy.