We have been married for 36 years, have 2 young adult children, and one amazing granddaughter, our first grandchild.!
​We have owned, AKC registered dogs for the past 33 years, 25 years owning Basenjis and 11 years owning Rhodesian Ridgebacks. We live in a country subdivision, 
near Lafayette, Louisiana. We take our dogs walking/running on cattle pasture near our home, they love following us along side our 4 wheelers. 

​​We also own 4  Peruvian Horses, 2 mares, a 4 year old gelding, and a 8 month old colt, PVR FERNANDO CHICO, and we  rescued a week old Brangus calf, our granddaughter named Mac! 
Our love for African dogs started 29 years ago when we bought our first "Basenji", Benji. We owned basenjis for 23 years, our last 2 basenjis had imported stock from the Congo in their bloodlines
Our last 2 basenjis proved to us the significance in going back to the country of origin of a breed and getting new blood to diversify the gene pools

God used this breed of a dog to bring us to a relationship with Christ.

Our first basenji's breeder showed us an article of the "Basenji being at the birth of Christ", a few years later I began to desire to know GOD more, and contacted the breeder for a copy of that article, the door opened and they invited us to church and our lives have been blessed and on an incredible spiritual journey ever since.

God began to put a passion for Africa and its people within us.   We teamed up with missionary friends, Sue and Jeff Murton of  New Zealand and  raised funds to drill a water well in Mtwapa Village, Kenya, for the Good Samitarin Church near Mombasa; We have done other projects over the years to help the people in Africa, on a local and international level. 


Upon looking for a dog at our local shelter that my husband could bring with him to our local hunting camp,  this gorgeous red dog just stuck out to the both of us!   Upon adoption we were told he was owner surrendered and that his owners told them his name was Max and he was 1/2 Rhodesian Ridgeback and 1/2 lab.

Max had the best of both breeds in him and was the most loyal listening dog we had ever owned! We began researching more about the Rhodesian Ridgeback, and we discovered it was 
another AFRICAN BREED! What an amazing GOD we serve!

We began learning all about the breed. including the History of our magnificent Rhodesian Ridgeback. We acquired our foundational stock and had our first litter in 2012. 

Being a homeschool teacher and doing extensive research on our families genealogies, I have enjoyed researching and  learning all about the breed, history,  bloodlines and pedigrees. . 

I have researched  the dogs that were first imported into the United States, studied their types
and bloodlines in comparsions to the type of  Ridgebacks in the United States today. That is what lead me  to pursue South African bloodlines. .




Beautiful dogs, wonderful in size and stature. Highly intelligent, trainable, with superb temperaments.  Thank you Emily, for sharing your knowledge and love of the breed with me.  I can't wait to get my next best friend from you!!  Waiting on another superior litter
Diane Beckman
Texas, USA​​

Emily is an EXCELLENT breeder who is very knowledgeable about the RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK BREED, her dogs are top notch, and Emily is a wealth of knowledge, I would recommend anyone to her if they are serious about buying a RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK...EXCELLENT PERSON!!
Mike Perry
Florida, USA

​​​​Good Bloodlines and Passionate about doing things the right way to create historically correct Rhodesian Ridgeback Bloodline with drive. Passionate about the breed.
Craig Miller,
Florida, USA

​​​Emily and Ed are wonderful breeders!! We feel fortunate that they lived only a few miles away and get to see them often. Lucy is a fabulous dog....so strong, so healthy and a great temperament. She is our first Ridgeback and hopefully will always have one in our family!!!
Dr. Lisa Altmann
Louisiana, USA

We added our 6th and 7th Ridgeback, (the first five came from all over the country from different breeders), to our family from the Karamojo 2012 litter. She has been an amazing addition to our family. I have Grandkids and she is wonderful with them, very calm and excepting. Her body composition, muscle, bone,and brain is a powerful combination. I am a Search and Rescue volunteer working with Law Enforcement and Kimber as been a vital and productive K9 partner, with many finds to her credit. As a Human Remains detection dog and a Man Trailing K9 she has helped give closer to families and located the lost. I will be getting my next partner and family member from Karamojo and I did, Pheny 2019 is just as amazing as Kimber! 

Cheri Sorensen
Iowa, USA​​​

We love our about to be 4 year old Tate. Great appearance, health, and temperament basically mirrors what the Ridgeback books say about them. Karamojo keeps up with the owners and you can tell they care about the dogs.
Dr. Bradley Hughes
Arkansas, USA

​​​​We got Lexie in November 2015 from Emily. Speaking with Emily prior, you could hear Emily's passion for the breed. Lexie is highly intelligent and very sweet, not to mention a beautiful girl. Emily continues to keep in touch to see how Lexie is growing and is there to answer questions. I highly recommend Karamojo Rhodesian Ridgebacks for your next companion/protector dog.
Kim Merz
Iowa, USA​​