Coco's  Dukuzumuremyi of          Karamojo
Kuzo, is owned by Courtney and David Wynne. He was purchased to be trained to detect seizures of his owner. At the age of 6 months he was enrolled in obedience classes at Pet Smart. Upon his graduation he was to walk through Pe Smart without being distracted. Kuzo began pulling his owner toward a lady near a shopping cart. Courtney did everything to keep him from going towards her, when trainer told Courtney to let him go, he went straight to the lady, licked her and sat at her feet!  Trainer told Courtney this lady was mentally challenged and went to Pet Smart every day!  That was the beginning of Kuzo's destiny1 

Kuzo later began to alert Courtney before she would have a seizure, by running around the house, and then going to her, lick her and then sitting at her feet, gently grabbing her leg and pulling her then running to Courtney's bed and jumping on it, he would repeat this process until she would go into her bed, where he would lay with her until the seizure would pass.

This is all done by "instinct" without any training!  He also detects any wound a person may have or surgery they have had within a year by licking the area.  A 3 year old girl was brought into their home, Kuzo immediately went up to her began lick,ing her and sat at her feet!  

Courtney's husband, David was in a serious car accident with head trauma, Kuzo will lick his head which in turn brings his blood pressure down!  He has been a true blessing to this family.

             ​      We are very proud of Mr. Kuzo.​​​​​​!