To ensure that each one of our puppies is placed in a home which is best suited to their temperament, personality, ability, and purpose, we ask that the head(s) of your household take the time to fill in this questionnaire in FULL.
​Please be prepared to provide at LEAST three references, one of which should be your vet if you have animals currently, or had pets in the past. While sending us a completed application is a GIANT step towards bringing home a puppy, it is also just the first step in our interview process. If you live within a close distance from us, would like to you to come visit us and our dogs. If traveling to meet us is not practical due to long distance, telephone conversation will be expected.

​ We know that this process can seem daunting, and sometimes quite personal, but if you are serious about obtaining a well-bred, healthy, quality, guaranteed puppy, it will be well worth your time and effort!!

​ At any time in the application process, we would be happy to answer ANY questions you may have. This process of getting to know each other is a two way deal!!
I look forward to getting to know you, you can call me anytime at 337-837-5226

​ PHYSICAL LAND LOCATION: (only if rural)
​ Fax #:

​ Are you inquiring about a male or female? Any reason for wanting particular chosen sex?

​​ Are you inquiring about a Companion, show or working prospect?             If you are applying for a show prospect, do you also wish to breed?       Do you have any prior experience?

Have you owned any dogs in the past?     Which breed(s)? Male or female? If you answered YES above, tell us what happened to this dog?

If you have either answered NO, or have never owned a Ridgeback previously, why do you think a Ridgeback is the right breed for you?

Please be specific, and list any information sources you used while researching the breed, if applicable.

Have you ever had to give away/sell/place in shelter/euthanized etc. a pet prior to the animals’ natural death?     If so, what was the reason?

​​ Do you own, rent, or lease your home?    ​ Tell us about it, including:
​Fence type and height (please measure and be SURE):

​ yard size:
​ Size of home:
​Outdoor shelter:
​ Any limitations as to where dog may go in home?
​ Again, detail is much appreciated! If you rent or lease, have you asked your landlord if they are ok having a Ridgeback as a tenant?      

​​  Please tell us about your family. How many adults and children reside in your home (please include ages for ALL)?

​​​​ Would your dog regularly be exposed to any other children, again ages please?

​​ Do you have any pets? If YES, tell us about them, including type, breed, age, gender, and any special needs?

​​ If you answered YES above, when was the last time your pet(s) was seen by your vet? What for?

​​ Will this dog be indoors or outdoors or both?     Any other dogs outdoors?

​​ What do you intend on feeding this dog, during puppy hood, and adulthood?

​​  Do the adults in your home work FT or PT?

​​ What provisions will be made for the dog while you are at work? (i.e where will he/she be kept during the time you are not home, as a puppy and into adulthood)

​​What activities do you plan on participating in to ensure your dog receives adequate exercise and mental stimulation?

​​ If you were to go on a holiday, what arrangements would be made for this dog?

​​ Are you willing to take dog obedience classes? Have you taken any classes previously? (Be forewarned, if your application passes our requirements, do your research as I will expect to know in advance where you intend to take your classes)

Breed specific legislation may affect you. Do you know of ANY breed bans in your area? If you do not know, please research to find out. Your town/city website is a great place to look.

​​What do you think is required to be a responsible pet owner?

Please describe how you would discipline your dog?

Are you prepared to sign a non-breeding contract?

​​ Would you accept a ridgeless puppy?

​​ Will your dog receive annual vaccinations, or will you vaccinate on a titre determined basis only?

​​ Do you have any objections to having your puppy spayed/neutered? (boy at 12-18 months and girls at 8-10 months)

​​ How do you plan on housetraining your puppy? (Keep in mind that at 8 weeks of age, a puppy is only capable of holding his pee 3 hours MAX. and a bowel movement usually after every meal)

​​​​ Please list THREE references MINIMUM, including phone numbers and relationship to you.

At least one reference should be from your vet if you own another pet, or have owned in the past.

Please, if you are listing your vet, I will need you to phone them and give your permission to release information to me, for ALL animals in your file!!

I would also prefer references which were not family, and ONLY REFERENCES WHICH KNOW/HAVE KNOWN YOUR CURRENT/PRIOR DOG(S).

If you have a roommate(s) or landlord please provide their contact info as well. If you are applying close to the expected litters arrival, please make sure your references are not on holidays/extended absences, as I will be working with very little time to do my background checks!!

REFERENCES MUST BE SUBMITTED AT TIME OF APPLICATION SUBMISSION FOR YOU TO BE CONSIDERED!!!! They will not be called unless your above application passes, and not until pregnancy has been confirmed.


Thank you for taking the time to answer this EPIC questionnaire! We respect the effort you have made to search out a responsible breeder and will respond to your application as quickly as possible!!

Karamojo Ridgebacks reserves the right to reject any home not deemed suitable for our puppies.