Male vs Female

In the Ridgeback, the sex-driven characteristics are rather marked.  The  bitch exhibits more evidence of the "wild dog", in her role as the hunter and the mother. Her moods and her behavior can be wonderfully exciting on her terms.  

​The male is more stable in temperment and has the makings of a steady and predictable companion, the solid guardian.  
​ That really summarizes the male RR response to most things - fairly laid back until a legitimate need for action arises. Then he'll switch modes, take care of business (and heart-stoppingly quickly), and then switch right back to 'Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky' like nothing happened.

Many long-time Ridgeback breeders agree that male Ridgebacks are easier to raise for first time owners. The females can be more challenging because they are more aware of pack “hierarchy” and in many cases are a little smarter; meaning, they can problem-solve without much input from their owners. You need to stay one step ahead of a bright bitch, because they are always thinking of ways to get what they want, with or without your permission!